Q2 Newsletter_Wellbeing in the Workplace

08 Mar: Coaching for Wellbeing in the Workplace

Nowadays, the term “wellbeing” is commonly used, but what does it mean exactly? While there are multiple definitions, they all generally refer to experiencing positive emotions (joy, happiness), being free from negative emotions (worry, stress, anxiety), and having an overall sense of life satisfaction (fulfillment). In the workplace, wellbeing exists when employees can utilize their abilities, manage life’s typical stressors,…


16 Aug: Dealing with Toxic People at Work

When dealing with a person who exhibits condensing, manipulative or toxic behaviors, remember, their need to exert power and control is more about them than it is about you.  People who desire control over others often have deep-seated insecurity issues that they are projecting on others.  Don’t take on their issues. You control YOU.  Your power cannot be taken from…

ithrive Valentine

11 Feb: Eight Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

  This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday. What a great way to start the workweek by showing love to your colleagues. Here are 8 ways to spread love in the workplace: Bring treats for the office. If you have a special recipe in mind, go with that. If not, pick up some donuts or bagels with cream cheese….

Gratitude Post2

06 Nov: Gratitude in Action — 3 Practical (and Fun) Ways to Practice Gratitude

We hear it every day: It is important to live gratefully. Multiple studies link gratitude to physical, emotional, and social well-being. Research shows that people who focus on gratitude are happier, more resilient, more empathetic, and have stronger interpersonal relationships. Additionally, they have less stress, sleep better and take better care of themselves. All good stuff, but we all know…

New year Energy

03 Jan: Create NEW YEAR ENERGY – All Year Long

I love the energy a new year brings!  It is an opportunity to pause, reflect and reset.   But…..why not create that energy all year long?   The problem with New Year resolutions is that they fizzle out. We all know the statistics. We start off well-intentioned, but by mid-February we lose momentum, become discouraged and often abandon our goals…

07 Dec: How to Be a Dream-Chasing Realist: Putting it All Together…31 Days at a Time

Welcome to the last post in the How to Be a Dream-Chasing Realist blog series! Over the past few months, we’ve explored actionable ways to pursue your dream job or make another major life transition, all while honoring your daily obligations and responsibilities. We’ve explored important steps along this journey including Getting Your Financial House in Order, Making Time for…


01 Nov: How to Be a Dream-Chasing Realist: Investing in YOU so You Can Invest in Your Dream

There’s an old saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. While most of us acknowledge the truth at the heart of this, many of us are guilty of putting ourselves last and forgetting the importance of self-care. On the entrepreneurial path, it’s especially easy to focus all of our efforts on moving our business forward, at any cost. In…


04 Oct: How to Be a Dream-Chasing Realist: Consider a Side Hustle While Keeping Your Day Job

Welcome back to the How to Be a Dream-Chasing Realist blog series. So far we’ve explored several actionable steps to help you pursue your dream or make a major life transition. If your dream involves a professional change, you may want to consider a side business or “side hustle” to supplement your 9 to 5 job. According to LinkedIn, the…


17 Sep: How to Be a Dream-Chasing Realist: Broadening Your Knowledge, Skills and Network

Thanks for continuing to follow along with ithrive31’s How to Be a Dream-Chasing Realist blog series, which provides actionable steps for turning your dream career into a reality. So far, we’ve talked about the importance of Getting Your Financial House in Order and Making Time for Self-Reflection. Next, we’ll discuss the importance of building your skillset in this new area….