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Coaching Workshops

Tailored for Quick Impact

Ideal for leadership meetings, women’s groups, lunch presentations, or conference breakout sessions, 1- to 3-hour workshops address one topic in a concise format.

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Living Intentionally

Our signature personal development program sets your course for a thriving life—31 days at a time. Using the ithrive31 proprietary model of well-being, we work with clients to set achievable intentions 31 days at a time to create balance, momentum, and results.

Effectively Navigating Workplace Relationships

Cultivating healthy workplace relationships can happen through positive communication and proactive conflict resolution strategies. Through engaging case studies and practical examples, we explore effective ways to foster open dialogue, build trust, and navigate conflicts constructively.

Wellbeing: Reducing Anxiety, Stress and Worry

We all know that personal levels of worry, stress and anxiety have increased over the past couple years. Being able to differentiate between these terminologies can be vital to understanding our mental health and taking steps to deal with each more effectively.  During this interactive workshop, we will identify strategies to create greater awareness and bring well-being practices into our life – at work and at home.

Executive Leadership Presence: Building Credibility

Building personal credibility and presence is important for leaders at all levels. During this interactive session, we discuss the definition of executive presence and ways to add practicality to the concept. A proprietary self-assessment identifies immediate action plans.

Building a Coaching Culture

Implementing a coaching culture leads to employee engagement, talent development, and bottom-line business results. In this workshop, we explore the benefits of coaching, coaching approaches in both performance and development, and building coaching capabilities in leadership.

Leader as a Coach

According to the International Coaching Federation, 83% of organizations plan to increase the use of coaching skills by managers and leaders over the next five years.  In this workshop we explore the mindset and skillsets needed to develop and support employees in transformational ways.

Bringing Your “A” Game to Work & Home

Tapping into the power within you creates a ripple effect of positivity. During this session, we will share a powerful formula for building, attracting, and maintaining energy. Learn practical strategies to live intentionally, create positive momentum, and maximize your impact.

Proactively Managing Conflict

No one looks forward to conflict, but it exists in almost every workplace. Successful leaders do not shy away from conflict but rather proactively navigate through it for a successful resolution. During this session, we will identify strategies for managing difficult conversations and creating successful interactions. We will explore how strong communication skills can help leaders manage conflict in healthy ways and create a more engaging work environment.

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