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Our Story

The Essence of ithrive 31

ithrive31, a coaching and personal development company, is founded on principles of action planning, personal accountability, and whole person well-being.

The Whole Picture

As individuals, we determine our own direction. Personal accountability and responsibility for one’s own growth and development is a core element of ithrive31 coaching and personal development programs.

Everything we do is driven by the mission of helping individuals thrive—in the workplace and in the home. Because individuals are not one-dimensional, neither is our coaching. Each program is custom-designed for success.

We believe personal success grows when individuals set realistic goals, experience immediate progress, and create momentum for continued success. Our programs follow a results-oriented 31-day planning process to drive rapid results and empower progress.

Experienced Leadership

Business-oriented and human-centered, founder and head coach Dorene MacVey combines workplace experience and passion to unleash human potential.

For all of our clients, we focus on setting achievable goals and finding the balance at home and in the workplace that means success for that unique person.
—Dorene MacVey, founder, ithrive31

For 25 years, ithrive31® founder and head coach Dorene MacVey served as a corporate executive at a Fortune 500 company, holding senior leadership positions in Organizational Development, Human Resource Management, and Ethics and Compliance Operations.

In addition to her functional leadership responsibilities, she has coached and mentored hundreds of executives, leaders, and young professionals, always striving to be a trusted confidant, influential coach, and developer of talent in the workplace.

Her professional experience combined with her passion for helping others be the best they can be—in and out of the workplace—is the origin of ithrive31.

As a wife, mother, and professional executive, she knows how hard it is to balance the many roles and expectations in life. Dorene is committed to helping people find balance, confidence, and the courage to live a thriving life.

Our Values

With the whole person as our focus, all of the ithrive31 coaching and personal development programs rely on these cornerstone elements.


Through coaching, we walk with our clients—cheering them on in achieving their personal and professional goals. We start from a place of authenticity and nonjudgment. We coach and offer supporting products, such as Women Encouragement Cards, to put this value into action.

Oprah Winfrey said, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” We value and practice gratitude every day. We are deeply grateful for our clients, our partners, and the impact we can each make in this world through our work. We put gratitude into action.

We always conduct our coaching relationships from a place of unquestioned integrity. All of our coaches abide by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Standards of Ethical Conduct.

Quality in Coaching

A high level of competence, dedicated professionalism, and deep experience guide all our coaching relationships.


Our coaches have a strong business background, which allows them to relate to the complexities and challenges in the work environment. Seasoned professionals, our coaches have years of practical leadership experience.

Our coaches have completed rigorous education and practice requirements that provide legitimacy to excellence in coaching.

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