Personal Coaching

Setting Your Course for a Thriving Life, 31 Days at a Time

Our goal is to help individuals thrive in their life. Through a practical results-oriented process we help people get unstuck, pursue their goals, maintain balance and live an intentional life.

Our coaching follows the ithrive31 philosophy:

  • Individual Well-being
  • Personal Accountability
  • 31 –Day Action Planning

Based on our proprietary coaching model, we work with our clients to establish goals and set a plan for a thriving life, 31 days at a time.

ithrive31 Model

Core Principles:

  • Be intentional with your thoughts
  • Be deliberate with your time and resources
  • Be purposeful in how you treat your body

We work with individuals:

  • Desiring to live with greater intention
  • Striving to find balance
  • Ready to get unstuck and take more control of their life
  • Eager to pursue a goal or dream
  • Desiring greater awareness, impact and significance

How we coach:

We provide high-quality services that result in meaningful experiences and results. We want to work with individuals who are serious about making change, want to operate at their highest levels and live their lives with great intention.

Coaching Packages

Personal coaching services are available at an hourly rate or through any of the following packages:

Jumpstart31™ –  One-on-one coaching; four individual coaching sessions intended to learn the ithrive31 process, set a personal plan and jumpstart your path to a thriving life.

CoachingClubs31™  — Group Coaching (4-6 individual); four coaching sessions intended to learn the ithrive31 process, hold each other accountable and have a bit of fun along the way.

Spark Workshops – Short sessions (1-3 hours) focused on a specific coaching challenge.

Dream-Chasing Realist Program – Four one-hour sessions to help you develop your plan for pursuing your dream while honoring real-world obligations.

Life is meant to Live Fully, With Great Intention