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Personal Coaching

Living to Your Full Potential

To help individuals thrive in life, our practical results-oriented process helps you get unstuck, pursue your goals, maintain balance, and live an intentional life.

ithrive31 focuses on balancing personal benefit with professional success. We use three core principles and six life areas to help you find your path—to personal satisfaction, professional advancement, or entrepreneurial success. Meaningful experiences and realistic achievable plans result from our work with individuals who are serious about making a change and living with intention. Talk with us about your goals >

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Coaching Opportunities

The ithrive31 process supports each individual’s unique goals and needs by following key strategies and adjusting to promote success.

Set up client for maximum impact and results. Set concrete objectives and establish the right steps to gain momentum. 3–4 months; 4–8 sessions

Continue the momentum established in the first phase and progress toward specific goals for personal and professional success. 3–6 months; 4–8 sessions

Provide ongoing support and accountability to the objective and living to full potential. 3–6 months; 3–6 sessions


For goal-driven individuals or those facing professional or personal challenges, ithrive31 individual coaching sessions are highly customized to help you:

Achieve your goals and intentions • Develop a realistic action plan • Design accountability • Provide confidential support • Offer an objective, independent perspective


Working one-on-one or within a small group, these packages focus attention on a specific goal or dream. Small group sessions offer shared support from like-minded participants. Most packages include multiple sessions that allow you to delve deeply and see real progress.

Our signature personal development program! Set your course for a thriving life—31 days at a time. Using the ithrive31 propriety model of well-being, we work with you to set intentions 31 days at a time to create balance, momentum, and results.

Session 1: Establish Your Intentions
Session 2: Create Your Personal 31-Day Plan
Session 3: Accountability Check-In
Session 4: Review Progress and Set Your Next Plan

Do you have a dream to pursue but real-world obligations are getting in the way? The Dream-Chasing Realist personal coaching sessions help you design a path toward your dream while honoring your responsibilities and commitments.

Session 1: Defining Your Dream
Session 2: Determining What Is Holding You Back
Session 3: Taking the Right Steps Forward
Session 4: Outlining Your Action Plan

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