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Organizational Coaching

Growing Leaders and Professionals

Investing in the well-being of the whole person leads to a thriving organization. Meaningful coaching develops committed, engaged, and successful employees.

Each person in an organization can grow, thrive, and reach their full potential using our coaching approach. Our combination of life and leadership coaching prepares each person to thrive in the organization and in their life. Unlock the full capability of an organization by helping individuals thrive! Each coaching engagement is unique, but all of our coaching follows the ithrive philosophy.

Every team member is unique, complex, and full of potential. Our programs invest in each person for success in all life aspects.

Follow-through can be the most difficult part of change and growth. Our tools help each person see the benefits of their efforts.

Working toward continual progress—not perfection—our action plans ensure each person’s goals are achievable. The results show.

Organizational Coaching Opportunities

At every career stage and crossroads, leaders and employees can benefit from coaching. Three phases lead participants to start and finish strong.

Phase 1

Jumpstart31™ sets concrete goals for maximum impact and results. It seeks to balance professional success and create personal momentum.
3–4 months; 4–8 sessions

Phase 2

Sustaining Impact continues progress toward specific individual goals and keeps up the momentum for professional and personal success. 3–6 months; 4–8 sessions

Phase 3

Accountability Partnering establishes ongoing support for accountability, continuing the progress toward realizing goals and achieving success. 3–6 months; 4-8 sessions

Consider our specific group and individual coaching programs for team members in these roles:



Studies show executive coaching has a positive bottom-line and quality-of-life impact.

Coaching areas:

  • Driving Organizational Impact
  • Aligning Senior Leadership Teams
  • Building Stronger Peer Relationships
  • Leading Change and Engagement
  • Developing Succession Plan
  • Identifying Personal Leadership Legacy

Middle Managers


Handling pressure from all directions, middle managers can drive results.

Coaching areas:

  • Leading Teams Through Change
  • Preparing for New or Expanded Role
  • Creating Greater Employee Engagement
  • Building Stronger Relationships
  • Improving Leadership Credibility
  • Generating Greater Fulfillment in their Role

New Leaders


A successful leadership transition results in teams that meet goals and are more satisfied.

Coaching areas:

  • Moving from Peer to Manager
  • Preparing for Increased Responsibility
  • Focusing on Time Management and Planning
  • Building Relationships—Up, Across, and Down
  • Transitioning from Technical to Leader Role
  • Setting a 3-, 6-, 12-Month Transition Plan



For employees facing a challenge or issue, confidential individual sessions with an objective coach can facilitate success.

Coaching areas:

  • Difficult Employee Situations
  • Gaining Buy-in from Others
  • Working through conflict in the work environment
  • Approaching a new assignment

Choose a Path to Positive Outcomes

Short, issue-focused coaching sessions (1–3 hours) assist teams and individuals experiencing a specific challenge, taking on a new goal, or experiencing conflict.
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Organizational Group Coaching

Small-group coaching sessions address a single issue or are formulated to suit the needs of participants linked by common interests, purpose, or challenges.

An intimate setting with a small number of participants, coaching clubs are opportunities to connect with others who face similar challenges or have comparable goals.

Share, discuss, and learn from each other. Coaching clubs leverage diverse challenges and experiences to help each member find individual solutions.

Fun with Purpose
Coaching clubs are highly customized to the group’s needs. Each is facilitated around topics and challenges the group determines has relevance for them. A Certified Professional Coach will guide the session to ensure maximum value and impact.

Coaching Clubs in Organizations
Women’s Coaching Club • New Leader Coaching Club • Middle Management Coaching Club • High-Potential Talent Coaching Club

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