Organizational Coaching

We help organizations develop committed, engaged and successful employees – at any stage in their careers:

  • Starting a new job
  • Facing a conflict or challenge
  • Transitioning to a new role or assignment
  • Leading a team or project
  • Moving out of the organization    

By investing in the overall well-being of employees inside the organization, organizations will thrive.  

Our coaching follows the ithrive31 philosophy:

  • Individual Well-being
  • Personal Accountability
  • 31 –Day Action Planning

We work with:

  • Executives and leaders
  • Individuals or teams  
  • New leaders
  • High-potential talent and future leaders
  • Goal-oriented professionals

How we coach:

We provide high-quality services that result in meaningful experiences and improved performance. We want to work with organizations and individuals who are serious about operating at their highest levels.  

Each coaching engagement is unique.  We work with our clients to identify the objectives and desired outcomes. Based on this, we outline our approach, expectations, timeframe and cost.  

For more information including a free consultation contact Dorene at 319-431-1652 or email at