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Group Coaching

Small-Group Support

Coaching groups are highly customized to advance professional and personal development in a small-group setting. They can be scheduled within an organization or for like-minded participants.


Each coaching group is limited to small groups with a shared commitment to personal and professional development.


In small group sessions, participants explore personal and professional development in a professionally moderated setting.


Through an interactive group discussion, participants seek ideas and solutions to their real challenges each week.


Every group member benefits from a 90-minute one-on-one personal coaching session with a Certified Professional Coach.


Each participant walks away with practical tools and resources for success at work and at home.

Are you feeling invisible or pushed aside after turning 50? If that’s you, this group coaching experience is for you!

This virtual group coaching experience is designed for women questioning their relevance in this world after they turn 50. While discovering your relevance, you can connect with other like-minded women in a small, intimate group. You will explore your past, present, and future. The insight you gain will help you as you create an exciting AND relevant future for yourself. Once the design is in place, you will create the goals and accountability necessary to help you succeed.

This experience is six sessions and includes exercises, tools, and resources. Includes 12 hours of Small Group Coaching and one 90-minute one-on-one coaching session with a Certified Coach.

During these sessions, you’ll…

✨ Connect with new, amazing women facing similar challenges.
✨ Create a lifeline of all the events that have shaped your life.
✨ Understand the values and beliefs that influence your decisions.
✨ Create a vision board to direct your goal setting.
✨ Create goals and objectives to help you reach them.
✨ Set up a system of accountability to reach your goals.
✨ You will no longer feel invisible.
✨ You will learn that you are relevant and what makes you relevant.

Want to learn even more about this fantastic opportunity? Here are a few more details about each session.

Session One – What does Relevant Look and Feel Like? Many women question their relevance in this world after turning 50. Their children are likely grown, and out of the house, they are looking at the end of their career rather than the beginning, and they worry they are no longer needed. That could not be further from the truth. We ARE relevant. We ARE needed, and we DO matter. We need to find our new purpose in life and move forward with no regrets.

You will meet the women going through the same things you are during our first session. You will also start putting everything that has brought you to this point on a lifeline. Are there beliefs from the past holding you back from an amazing life?

Session Two – Letting go of the Past To move forward into Chapter Two of our lives, we need to review where we have been. Looking at the past allows us to take inventory of what brought us joy and what we do not want to repeat. What is holding us back from the life we want? It allows us to celebrate what we have already accomplished in our lifetime and to continue those celebrations into the future.
After completing your lifeline, we will dive into your core values and beliefs and what drives you to make the right decisions for you.

Session Three – Creating a New Vision Vision Boards help us pave the road. A vision board is a visual representation of your dreams. Visualization can help increase motivation and confidence. Keeping your vision board front and center can help with your sense of purpose and relevance. Setting attainable goals is crucial in bringing your vision to life.
Let’s have some fun with glue and create your vision board. We will talk about how to manifest what we want in life.

Session Four – Health after 50 Creating Vision Boards and goal setting are great activities to get us moving in the right direction. Our next step is to take action on the vision boards. We need to set realistic goals and objectives to help manifest our vision.
During session four, we will complete our vision boards and start learning how to create goals and objectives for each item on your vision board.

Session Five – Whole Person Well-Being Our next step is ensuring we are healthy enough to see our vision come to fruition. We have all seen the articles out there about health in our 30’s, 40’, and 50’s. The changes our bodies undergo prove that they are onto something with those articles. We need to explore the best ways to stay healthy after 50. We look at whole-body wellness, mind, body, and soul.

Our health is essential to make our vision come to life. We will discuss health for women over 50 and the importance of self-reflection. How do we incorporate meditation into our lives? We will discuss the foods that will sustain us and give us energy.

Session Six – Setting up Accountability We have created a vision and goals for how to live our best lives after 50. Without accountability, that hard work may be for not. Creating accountability helps to ensure that we will move forward. You can share your vision and goals with family and friends. You can also learn to hold yourself accountable.
After all of this work you have done on yourself, you will learn how to create a system of accountability. You will lean on the women in this group to create a community of accountability.

The next session starts on April 20th, 2023
Bi-weekly on Thursdays
From 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM CST

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Organizational Coaching Groups

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