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ithrive31® Business Team

With wide-ranging business experience, proven coaching success, and a passion for serving others, the ithrive31 team strives to help clients lead their best life.

Our team of highly qualified coaches and client-focused staff combines business acumen, certified coaching credentials, and real-life leadership experience to help individuals realize their goals, overcome challenges, and step toward their full potential. Talk with us about taking your next step >

Dorene MacVey, PCC, CPC


Early in Dorene’s leadership career, role models demonstrated effective coaching. As she grew as a leader and executive, Dorene developed a passion for coaching. Now, as a certified coach working with organizations and personal clients, Dorene helps uncover meaningful, sustainable solutions using her ithrive31 philosophy. She helps identify practical, achievable strategies for reaching goals.

Mel Guanci


Mel is a passionate advocate for personal development and truly believes every leader deserves access to coaching. Through coaching, leaders become equipped to empower themselves to engage with their teams in a more thoughtful way which improves results. In her ithrive31 role, Mel manages marketing, brand expansion, and client systems. She’s using her experience to advance the ithrive31 coaching model beyond Iowa.

ithrive31® Coaches

Committed to the ithrive31 philosophy, our coaches focus on whole-person well-being, personal accountability, and results for clients.

Our location-based teams provide customized professional coaching and share high-quality resources to initiate and support client goals. Learn more about coaching customized for you >

Stacey Walter Headshot

Stacey Walter


Building off her leadership and mentoring with Early Childhood Educators, Stacey thrives on connecting with others one-on-one and in small groups. She became a Coach to help women come out of hiding to create their next chapter. As a Wellness and Personal Development Coach, she believes that everyone has it in them to live their best life. Using the ithrive31 Coaching philosophy and approach, she helps clients uncover what is holding them back and works side-by-side to create results, supporting her clients as they move forward.

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Melissa Wagner, CPC, MBA


Coaching opened Melissa’s eyes to the things that were holding her back from living her dreams. As a certified coach with corporate experience guiding teams through change, she helps others find the path to their own dreams. She assists professionals who want to accelerate their growth and define their own leadership presence. Each day she lives her purpose by helping others achieve their goals.

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