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Powerful Reflection: A gift for you!

Hello and Happy Summer!

I have always valued the power of reflection. It helps me tap into my inner wisdom and consider the ways I can show up as the best version of myself. I also believe that if we get quiet and listen, answers to our questions and guidance on our path become clearer.

I recently took a vacation to Mexico. I wanted to pause and create space for clarity.

As part of my vacation, I created a “Gifts from the Sea: A Reflective Journal.” It was a creative way to honor the world around me while reflecting on important topics in my life. Each “gift” included in this journal was uncovered from a walk on the sand.

In the spirit of gratitude, I offer this free journal to you.

Included are my six “sea gifts,” key messages, and reflection questions. You can use all six or pick a few that speak to you. Feeling creative? Take a walk in nature and find your own “gifts.”

Journaling can take you deeper into your thoughts and feelings to build a powerful awareness of your life.

Whether on a family vacation, business trip, or just taking some time to pause, I hope you will find time for quiet reflection this summer.

With gratitude and many blessings,


Download your copy of the “Gifts from the Sea: A Reflective Journal.” here.

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