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19 Jul: Transforming Thoughts into Action: Empowering Change and Discovering New Paths

Hello, Melissa here! Are you feeling stuck and desiring a change? It is a sentiment that many of us experience at some point in our lives. It’s that unsettling sensation that nudges us to break free from the monotony and explore new horizons. If you find yourself resonating with these emotions, then you’re not alone. For years, I too grappled…

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30 Sep: Having Global Ripple Effect

Meet ithrive31 coaching client Ryan. Ryan was an Executive in a Banking Institution before he made the significant decision to pivot his career in a big way. In the summer of 2021, Ryan and his wife sold their home in Iowa and moved to Kuwait to teach in an American School. Ryan teaches English Literature to high school students and his wife teaches 5th grade. Ryan always had a passion for teaching, learning, and literature and he stepped fully into this calling.

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31 May: See the Opportunity in Transitions: My Lifequake Moment

I remember that day well. It was a Sunday in the spring. My husband and I left church and headed to the grocery store before heading home. In the parking lot, I got the call from my boss. As his business partner, I had been working with him over the past month to reorganize the department, which I was a…

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31 May: Make Positive Progress During Planned or Unplanned Transitions

Transitions are a fact of life. Some transitions are planned and self-initiated, like making a career shift, changing marital status, or moving to a new city. Others happen involuntarily and without much planning, such as dealing with a health crisis, facing the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job. According to Bruce Feiler, author of Life…

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08 Mar: Build a Coaching Culture for Employee Well-Being, Engagement & Results

With so many of our beliefs and assumptions being challenged over the past two years, the role of coaching in organizations should also be challenged. Traditionally, organizations have invested in coaching practices to support performance and development. But building a coaching culture is the fabric of a healthy, strong, and thriving organization. This goes well beyond managing performance and supporting…

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02 Mar: Meet Melissa Wagner, CPC, ithrive31’s Newest Coach

Melissa has an MBA and is a leader in a Fortune 500 global business. Melissa’s business background, strong coaching skills, and passion to help others make her a great fit for the ithrive31 coaching team. She joins the team as a Leadership and Transition Coach and will do both personal coaching and leadership coaching. Here’s a little more about Melissa’s…

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06 May: Bill’s Story: Stretched in a New Assignment

In honor of INTERNATIONAL COACHING WEEK, every day this week I will be sharing real stories of situations where coaching has made a big impact.    Bill’s Story:  Bill was an outstanding performer and was recently promoted to a mid-level management position. The company had total confidence in Bill and he was excited for the opportunity.  In this role, he…

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04 May: Kim’s Story: Feeling Stuck

In honor of INTERNATIONAL COACHING WEEK, every day this week I will be sharing real stories of situations where coaching has made a big impact.   Kim’s Story  Kim was a successful leader in a growth-oriented company.  She had been in her role for several years, and had been promoted and gained more responsibility over time. Even though she had…