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Kim’s Story: Feeling Stuck

In honor of INTERNATIONAL COACHING WEEK, every day this week I will be sharing real stories of situations where coaching has made a big impact.


Kim’s Story 

Kim was a successful leader in a growth-oriented company.  She had been in her role for several years, and had been promoted and gained more responsibility over time. Even though she had a great job, Kim was growing increasingly frustrated. She wanted a new challenge and couldn’t shake the feeling that this job was not where she was meant to be. She felt stuck and unclear of what was next. The frustration she felt was coming through in unproductive ways for her and her team.


Enter coaching 

Through a series of coaching sessions, Kim was able to honestly address her feeling of being stuck and the personal frustration she experienced not knowing what to do about it.  Kim confronted some of her behaviors that were not serving her or her team in positive ways.  She recognized the unintended impact this was having on others. Through the coaching sessions, Kim laid out a plan to transition to another role.


The rest of the story

Kim is in a new role with a new challenge before her.  As she took on this new assignment, Kim used coaching to transition into her new position with renewed energy and a plan for success.


Coach’s Comment:  If you are feeling stuck in a situation, job or a career path that feels “unsettling” – that discomfort is purposeful.  Working with a coach would help you tap into it and see what lies ahead! If you’re ready to make a change, contact us here. We can help!


NOTE: These coaching situations are real but names have been changed to protect anonymity of the client.

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