Joe’s Story: Coaching through Conflict at Work

In honor of INTERNATIONAL COACHING WEEK, every day this week I will be sharing real stories of situations where coaching has made a big impact. 

Joe’s Story

Joe was a Sales Director at a technology company and was struggling with his boss.  Joe and his boss had very similar personality styles and were both highly competitive individuals.  This was causing a great deal of angst for both of them. Tensions were rising.  Unfortunately, this escalated into a couple heated meetings and the conflict was at a point where it could not continue.


Enter coaching

Through coaching, Joe was able to express his frustrations honestly and seek solutions that would serve him and the organization better. Joe worked with a coach to recognize the issues within his control, the impact of his behaviors, and his options for moving forward.   Joe developed a plan for performing his job while interacting more constructively with his boss.


The rest of the story

While tensions still exist at times, Joe and his boss used this experience to reflect on how to communicate better and recognize triggers so they do not escalate into larger issues.


Coach’s Comment:  Conflict can be difficult but is very common in most relationships.  Coaching can help you process those feelings in a way that allows freedom of expression while finding productive ways to resolve the issue. If you or a colleague are experiencing conflict in professional relationships, contact us here. We can help!


NOTE: These coaching situations are real but names have been changed to protect anonymity of the client.

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