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5 Ways Smiling Brings Good Energy

01 May: 5 Ways Smiling Brings Good Energy

It’s amazing what a smile can do! Smiles are more than just facial expressions; they are the language of happiness that transcends barriers. Laughter and joy have the power to uplift our spirits, improve our well-being, and create connections with those around us. Here are 5 ways a simple smile can bring good energy to your life: Betters Mood: Smiling…

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25 Oct: 10 Things to Remember as You Wrap up the Year

As you wrap up the year, it’s a great time for reflection and preparation for the year ahead. Here are 10 things to remember as you do so: Reflect on Achievements: Take some time to review your accomplishments and milestones from the past year. Celebrate your successes and learn from your challenges. Set Clear Goals: Establish realistic and meaningful goals…

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13 Jul: Whole Person Detox

A cleanse is done to help rid the body of substances regarded as toxic or unhealthy. Typically when we think of cleansing we think of our physical body. We cleanse our body of foods like gluten, caffeine, sugar and alcohol. The goal is to feel better and increase our natural energy. What if the substances we need to cleanse are not things…

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13 Jun: Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2023

Oftentimes summer brings a more relaxed schedule and time to try new things. Here are some ideas for branching out while having some fun this season!   Go on a road trip: Plan a fun road trip with your friends or family to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. It doesn’t have to be far away, either! Some of the…

Q2 Newsletter_Wellbeing in the Workplace

08 Mar: Coaching for Wellbeing in the Workplace

Nowadays, the term “wellbeing” is commonly used, but what does it mean exactly? While there are multiple definitions, they all generally refer to experiencing positive emotions (joy, happiness), being free from negative emotions (worry, stress, anxiety), and having an overall sense of life satisfaction (fulfillment). In the workplace, wellbeing exists when employees can utilize their abilities, manage life’s typical stressors,…

Mary Greeley partnership

03 Oct: Supporting Leader Well-Being Through Coaching

Last year, ithrive31 partnered with Mary Greeley Medical Center to make external coaching available for all their leaders. Through this partnership, we have been able to offer support to leaders in a very personal way. This opportunity sends a message: “We care about your wellbeing.” The message that comes back from leaders who participate is 100% appreciation and a resounding “Thank You, we appreciate you offering this support to us.” It also allows leaders the tools they need to become better coaches for the employees and teammates they work with on a daily basis. We interviewed Mary Greeley Director of Human Resources and Education, Penny Bellville, MS-HRD, SHRM-SCP, CCP, SPHR about her experience working with ithrive31.

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30 Sep: Having Global Ripple Effect

Meet ithrive31 coaching client Ryan. Ryan was an Executive in a Banking Institution before he made the significant decision to pivot his career in a big way. In the summer of 2021, Ryan and his wife sold their home in Iowa and moved to Kuwait to teach in an American School. Ryan teaches English Literature to high school students and his wife teaches 5th grade. Ryan always had a passion for teaching, learning, and literature and he stepped fully into this calling.

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31 May: See the Opportunity in Transitions: My Lifequake Moment

I remember that day well. It was a Sunday in the spring. My husband and I left church and headed to the grocery store before heading home. In the parking lot, I got the call from my boss. As his business partner, I had been working with him over the past month to reorganize the department, which I was a…