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Keep a Healthy Mindset

As we head into the busy holiday season, it is very common for jam-packed schedules, last minute to-do’s and family drama to weigh heavy on our mental well-being. But it doesn’t — and shouldn’t! — have to be this way.

We should be able to soak up all the joy, comfort and fellowship this season has to offer. So, to avoid experiencing stress and overwhelming feelings these next few months, now is the time to prepare yourself to end the year well.

To help you make more conscious choices about where you put your energy, reflect on the following:

Before I Put It On My Schedule …

  • Am I looking forward to this?
  • Am I committing to this for the right reasons?
  • Do I feel good about this commitment?

Before I Say “Yes” …

  • Is this the right thing for me to do?
  • Do I have the time to do it?
  • Am I the right person to do it?

Before I Let Something Bother Me …

  • How big of a deal is this really?
  • What is within my control?
  • What action(s) will help me move this forward in a positive direction?

It’s all about taking just a few moments to pause and reflect on any given situation. Identifying factors within your control can often result in a more positive outcome. So, take the time to establish boundaries this season to create a healthy mindset at work and at home.

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