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Meet Melissa Wagner, CPC, ithrive31’s Newest Coach

Melissa has an MBA and is a leader in a Fortune 500 global business. Melissa’s business background, strong coaching skills, and passion to help others make her a great fit for the ithrive31 coaching team. She joins the team as a Leadership and Transition Coach and will do both personal coaching and leadership coaching. Here’s a little more about Melissa’s love of coaching and why she joined ithrive31.

What was your response to coaching for the first time?

My first experience with coaching clients was insightful as to the power of coaching. Seeing people’s thoughts and feelings change when they rewrite the narrative is magical. Their body language changes, and they talk about the possibilities and opportunities in the future. I love supporting people as they step into their own power.

What special talent or skills do you bring to ithrive31?

My superpower is my passion around helping professionals and leaders understand how to be more effective leaders. As a leader, I’ve used coaching with my employees and other people within the organization. I have seen it work first-hand for myself and for people I have coached.

I help people understand how they are showing up in the workplace and at home—on a typical day and when they are under stress. We also work on how they want to show up. I help them determine what type of leadership presence they want to reflect and what type of role model they want to be at work and at home.

What inspires you in your work as a coach?

I am inspired each day knowing that I am living my purpose and I am helping others achieve theirs. I love helping others in their development and reaching their goals.

What coaching qualifications do you have?

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation, both the Global and Iowa chapters. I did my coaching certification through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) program. The program taught me a lot about coaching and how it could help me professionally. I’m excited to join ithrive31 because they use the same philosophies that I learned through my coaching program, and I continue to see results for clients.

Tell us about you personally.

I am a single mom of two wonderful children. I have a 17-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter. They really are the loves of my life. I also have a goldendoodle Daphne and a pit bull Halen. I am a foster-mom for rescue dogs. In June 2020, I took in a mom and her 12 puppies. Now that was an experience. 😊

What hobbies or activities are you involved in?

I am dedicated to personal strength training and fitness. I love to work out with barbells and do hard physical strength training fitness classes. Fitness helps my physical well-being, and it helps me become mentally strong. My fitness and strength training tribe has a growth mindset culture. I have made lasting friends in this program.

What’s the most challenging thing about your work?

The most challenging part of my work is being the timekeeper and wrapping up the session on schedule. I get lost in being present, and the time goes by quickly.

Why is ithrive31 a good fit for you?

I like to focus on the whole person and their well-being. The ithrive31 holistic model of well-being resonated with me. Reaching your potential can be influenced by many factors. The ithrive31 philosophy is about focusing on each person’s individual journey and meeting each client where they are. I really like the energy of the brand and the team, and I am excited to be a part of this.

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