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ithrive31® expands into Minneapolis; Welcome Miki Huntington!

We connected with our newest coach, Miki, to learn more about what inspired her to join the ithrive31 Collective.

Dorene: Could you describe your role at ithrive31? 

Miki: As a Leadership and Transition Coach, I use the ithrive31 coaching philosophy and approach to help guide leaders and professionals to take action and maximize results. With experience in higher education, military, corporate and non-profit sectors, I’ve developed effective strategies to connect and empower a variety of clients. I have a professional coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) and am also a Corporate Communications Trainer and Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Dorene: How has coaching influenced your life and career? 

Miki: Coaching has had such a positive impact on my life and career, and I’m excited for the opportunity to share the benefits of coaching with others. I still connect regularly with my life coach, Nicole, and she inspired me to pursue a coaching certification of my own. I love that coaching is a partnership to help uncover possibilities and implement a plan to bring about effective change. As a coach, I have no agenda except to help the client get what they want in their life and career!

Dorene: What was your first experience with coaching? 

Miki: About six or seven years ago, I was feeling burned out and overwhelmed. I came across a group coaching opportunity and signed up, not knowing what I was getting into but recognizing I needed to make some changes in my life. My life coach, Nicole, was able to hold space for me. She helped me to clarify priorities, set boundaries, and establish goals to move forward in the direction I wanted to go (rather than allowing my calendar to dictate my life). We are still connected to this day, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to learn and grow!

Dorene: What special skills or talents do you bring to ithrive31? 

Miki: With experience in higher education, military, corporate and non-profit sectors, I have a unique background that allows me to connect and empower a variety of clients. I also bring both lived experience and facilitation skills as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practitioner. I specialize in one-on-one and group coaching, and as a life and transition coach I help clients with goal-setting and accountability as well as identifying strengths and breaking through blocks.

Dorene: Why is ithrive31 a good fit for you? 

Miki: My philosophy and approach to life and work aligns well with ithrive31’s three core principles and six life areas that focus on well-being and balance. The ithrive31 process resonates with me as well, starting with concrete objectives (Jumpstart), sustaining momentum, and accountability partnering. On a more personal level, I had the honor and privilege of meeting Dorene while earning my professional coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). I appreciate Dorene’s thought leadership and professional acumen; an opportunity to be part of the ithrive31 collective with Dorene is an incredible one!

Dorene: What inspires you in your work each day? 

Miki: I’m passionate about building connections and learning from and with others, and I’m honored to be able to be of service as a life coach, educator and community volunteer.  

Dorene: What do you find creative about your work? 

Miki: I enjoy creating new processes and frameworks to move forward, whether it’s short- and long-term goals, a new project, or serendipitous opportunity to do things differently. As a life coach, educator, and community volunteer, I have opportunities to work and interact with a variety of people, which brings energy, creativity, and a sense of connection. 

Dorene: What’s the most challenging thing about your work? 

Miki: The most challenging thing is not having enough time to do all the things! I strive to focus on identifying the highest and best use of my time. That means being clear on priorities, values, and commitments. Focus on what’s truly important.

Dorene: Why do you think ithrive31 coaching is valuable? 

Miki: The ithrive31 coaching process is so valuable in offering clarity, structure and support. By starting with concrete objectives (Jumpstart) and then sustaining momentum followed by accountability partnering, ithrive31 coaching is valuable in supporting clients and enabling them to move toward their goals and dreams.

Dorene: Where did you grow up? What was your favorite thing about that place or time?

Miki: I was born and raised in Japan to a Japanese mother and an African American father who was serving in the U.S. Navy. I lived in Japan until I was almost 10 years old, and Japan continues to hold a special place in my heart as Japanese was my first language. I’m especially fond of Japanese food!

Dorene: What was your very first job? 

Miki: My very first job at age 14 was working for the local county shredding classified documents for 8 hours a day. While the task itself was repetitive and boring, I still fondly remember enjoying the conversations I had with fellow workers in the small office and walking to the cafeteria at the county courthouse for lunch.

Dorene: What job or event gave you the most insight into the value of coaching? 

Miki: My first group coaching experience was so rewarding that it inspired me to become a coach myself! While learning about coaching techniques and strategies was important, I learned so much about myself through the process that I encourage everyone to experience the value of coaching!

Dorene: What personal interest might surprise your colleagues or clients? 

Miki: When I facilitate workshops, I often invite participants to share “three truths and a lie” as a fun icebreaker to get to know one another. Which one do you think is the lie? 1) I am a helicopter pilot; 2) I’ve traveled to 100 countries; 3) I am an identical twin; or 4) I worked at the White House.

Dorene: What activities are important personal outlets for you? 

Miki: I’m a homebody, but I also love to travel! I’ve had a passport since I was born, and I enjoy exploring different countries and cultures:

~ 🌎32 countries (so far)
~ 🚢Sailed on 11 cruises (more soon)
~ 🛫My favorite destination is wherever I’m going next!

For more, check out my travel inspiration on the Thatch App –!



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