21 Feb: Be Tolerant. Be Kind.

Yesterday the following things happened  — I witnessed 2 complete strangers get into a heated argument on Facebook which resulted in a blow-by-blow below-the-belt name-calling and vicious personal attacks.  They had dissenting opinions and a mutual friend. Heading to the doctor’s office during rush hour I was cut off twice in traffic by people who were definitely trying to get…


21 Feb: 50+ and Thriving!   

Let’s face it — The world values youth!  And as we age, we fight the process.  We see that in so many ways.  Physically we fight it – we buy creams to reduce wrinkles, consider surgical interventions to lift things up, and battle the belly that is acquired through natural aging process.  We look in the mirror and just sigh….


21 Feb: Advice for Entrepreneurs

The road for entrepreneurs is really hard and the mental journey can be grueling.  It can be paved with disappointments, self-doubts and rejections.  Additionally the lack of sleep and money tend to reinforce the crazy path we have chosen. Only the strong survive.  So here are a few tips to keep you going…. Surround yourself with encouragement Be intentional with…