Practicing Gratitude with our Families during Covid-19

At ithrive31 one of our core values is gratitude.

We use it as a verb – which means we take action and engage in practices of gratitude.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical now more than ever to be intentional with our thoughts and help our families connect with gratitude.  Here are a few ways families can practice gratitude together.


3 Daily “Gratitudes” – Write down 3 things you are grateful for each day.  This may include things that you did, lessons you learned, something that made you smile or a person you connected with.  Each family member may want to create a gratitude journal for this purpose.  Think specifically and creatively.  At the end of the day or over dinner, ask each family member share their three daily “gratitudes”.


Gratitude Poster Board – Grab some magazines, scissors and glue.  Cut out pictures and words that represent what each person is grateful for.  Post it on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or somewhere else you will see it every day.


Appreciation Pass-it-on’s  –Think of one thing you appreciate about someone who is important to you.  Send a text, an email or a card to let them know specifically why you appreciate them.  Make it sincere and heartfelt.  You will be amazed at how positive energy is multiplied!


Blessing Jar  — Brainstorm a list of all amazing people who are heroes and write down individually on a small piece of paper.  Some examples include doctors, nurses, nursing home care-givers, ambulance drivers, firefighters, grocery store workers, truck drivers, mothers/fathers, restaurant workers, teachers, child-care workers, city leaders, etc. You can be generic or be specific about people you know. Place the pieces of paper in the jar.   At the end of the day or at dinner, randomly select one from the jar and talk about how they are a blessing to the world.  Say a prayer of gratitude for this blessing.

Variation of a theme for Easter.  Place the pieces of paper inside a plastic egg.  At the end of the day select an egg to open.


Gratitude Walks – Take a walk outside.  Be intentional to look around for things to be grateful for.  Play a game by asking each person to identify five meaningful things that they grateful for.  When you come home, draw a picture of the five things on a piece of paper.  Post it  as a reminder to find gratitude everywhere!


Take 2!   — Even the busiest of families can practice gratitude by engaging in two minutes of quiet and daily reflection on what they are grateful for.  Create a new habit by gratitude-in-silence everyday.


It doesn’t have to be complicated but especially now, each of us can benefit from the practice of gratitude.  Integrate ways that work for your family and may the blessings flow.


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