As of today, there are 36 days left in 2017 and that is 36 days to FINISH STRONG.

So today think about how you want to finish the year.  It is not over yet so don’t turn the page so quickly!

Set your FINAL 31-day goals for the year.  Make it count.

Is there something you wanted to do at the start of 2017 that you still want to get done?

Okay, maybe you didn’t lose the weight you had planned in 2017 but you can still shave off five pounds in the last 31 days (yes, even during the festive holiday season).  Think about how good you will feel and how cool it would be to take that momentum into 2018!

Maybe you can set financial goals around how much you will spend during the holiday gift-giving season.

Perhaps you want to ensure some downtime during the holiday craziness and devote at least 15 minutes each day in quiet solitude.

Maybe you need to treat yourself to a good book for the next 31 days.

Would your relationship with your spouse or significant other benefit from a planned quiet night together while the pressures of the holiday hoopla take its toll?  Set a date and have a plan.  Yes, you can fit it in.

Is there a task, project or goal at work that you want to accomplish before the holiday break?

Whatever you may be thinking about — write it down and Finish Strong.

Go to to download your free goal worksheet. 

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