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Summer BRITE: 5 Things to Remember When Setting Summer Goals

It’s time to shine. Kick summer off by setting achievable goals that lead to long-term success.

Remember, it’s summer, and that brings a different attitude. Your goals should reflect the season and be a springboard into the next. This handy acronym helps you remember valuable concepts as you set your goals, make progress, and achieve milestones throughout the summer.

BRITE stands for:


When setting goals consider all areas of your life. Use the ithrive31® model of well-being to outline summer goals in each key area: Financial, Physical, Emotional, Relationship, Professional, and Spiritual. Consider setting one goal for each area during the summer season.


Many people head into the summer with lofty plans and big dreams. Manage through your expectations to avoid being disappointed when the kids head back to school and the leaves start turning. Pick one or two things that, when the summer ends, you will feel made a big impact and lasting memories.


Summer is a time to be creative. It is often the little things that we remember: Planting a salsa garden, getting lost on a hiking trail, or a neighborhood campout in the backyard. These things build memories. It can be fun to get other family members involved in brainstorming summer goals.

Time for Me

Be careful not to pack your summer too full. It is easy to focus on making family memories, but the season also needs to be about self-care. Summer is a great time for reflecting by the water, quiet time in nature, and reading a book on the deck. Make sure your goals afford space for slowing down, reflection, and gratitude.


The summer should be a season of fun with great energy for renewal. Sun, nature, and a healthy dose of vitamin D make it so! Spend plenty of time soaking up the good vibes summer brings. Then recycle it back. Smile and bring your good energy to the world!

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