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Leadership to Coaching

My personality calls me to lead in some way.  Whether it was leading my two sisters and three brothers in making household decisions growing up or whether it was leading a team of 30 people operating a Marketing organization.  My calling has been taking care of people.

My definition of leadership has changed over the years.  At first, I was more directive and managerial.  Checking in on people’s work and ensuring they got it done at high quality and quantity.

It transformed into being more concerned about their development and growth.  I wanted to help people perform at their best and see them succeed in their careers.  I started focusing on their training and learning.  Where did the person want to work long-term?  What career did they want to launch into?  What was holding them back?  I felt good when I was able to help my team achieve their aspirations.

Every company’s culture is a bit different in how they care for and feed their employees’ development and long-term success.  Corporations go through culture shifts when there are acquisitions and leadership changes. 

I wanted to continue my leadership journey and build on the foundation I had established.  How could I become a better leader?  How could I bring higher energy to my employees and my leadership team and project the culture I wanted to belong in?  My mentors, at the time, encouraged me to get certified in coaching.   

I signed up at iPEC and spent a year working on becoming a certified professional coach.  Through the experience, I found a deeper calling.  A calling to coach people.  A calling to help other leaders become more successful at leading people.  What if I could share what I learned through 20 years of leading people and now through coaching?

I started coaching leaders and indirect leaders through common workplace situations.  Each conversation and each session convinced me more that this was my calling in life.  It felt natural and I felt so empowered and enriched afterward.

Coaching is something that helped me level up in my leadership performance.  It is something that I love giving back to others for their development.

Now I am excited to be part of ithrive31.  In reading ithrive31’s mission and purpose, it felt like my own.  It feels like home and I love having a coaching team to collaborate with.   I’m ready to continue to help people level up in their careers and see them step into higher levels of energy and performance.  I am looking forward to coaching!

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