Model of Well-Being

We believe individuals thrive when they pay attention to all areas of their life.  Our coaching and personal development programs focus on overall well-being to help individuals thrive at work and at home.

6 Life Areas and 3 Core Principles

Core Principles

  • Be intentional with your thoughts
  • Be deliberate with your time and resources
  • Be purposeful in how you treat your body

Six Life Areas

Financial: This area is about your relationship with money and other material possessions. This includes short-term and long-term plans and how you are preparing for them.   (Click to see examples)

Physical: This area focuses on taking care of your physical body. Eating right and exercising; managing your health and well-being and having a positive self-image. (Click to see examples)

Emotional: This area concentrates on creating feelings of accomplishment, organization, self-control and discipline. This is also about breaking free from dependencies and bad habits. (Click to see examples)

Professional: This area explores ways to use your time and talents in a meaningful way. It is about expanding your knowledge and building new skills and capabilities. (Click to see examples)

Relationship: This area examines personal relationships in your life. It is about building meaningful connections with those in your path. (Click to see examples)

Spiritual: This area is the core of embracing who you are and what you are meant to be. It is the center of having a thriving life. (Click to see examples)