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Stacey Walter’s Collective Experience: Insights and Inspiration

We connected with our newest coach Stacey Walter to learn more from her about what inspired her to join the ithrive31 collective.

Dorene: What have you enjoyed about being a part of ithrive31?

Stacey: I enjoy working with other coaches and learning from them. They make me want to be my best self and encourage me to try new opportunities. These women have also introduced me to new opportunities in the coaching industry, such as memberships in communities of practice and new connections in the community. I was recently able to attend the GEAPS (Grain Elevator and Processing Society) conference in Kansas City. I met amazing individuals who face the same challenges as every other industry.

Dorene: You are relatively new to the collective, what made you join?

Stacey: I was drawn to ithrive31 because it offered an opportunity to collaborate and learn from other coaches. Together we can create extraordinary opportunities for clients. I am currently putting together a small group coaching opportunity for women over 50 and have the support of the team which is invaluable. Ithrive31 also provides me marketing support to move my coaching forward.

Dorene: What are you looking forward to?

Stacey: I am looking forward to expanding my business and creating new experiences for my clients. I am also excited about continuing my own personal and professional development with this incredible team. ithrive31 has a vision for offering coaching experiences that support the whole person and I love that I am a part of that vision.

We’re glad you joined us Stacey, thank you for sharing. If you’re like Stacey, a certified coach or working on your certification and would be interested in joining a team, we would love an opportunity to visit with you about joining the ithrive31 collective. Email Dorene at

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