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5 Questions to Gain Momentum in 2023

The saying “time flies” is very real when looking at the calendar. It feels like we were just celebrating year-end and yet, here we are, ready to jump into Q2 2023! To create more intention with your time, here are 5 questions to reflect on your first quarter successes and prepare for what is to come in Q2.

What did I accomplish personally and professionally in Q1?

Take pride in the first 3 months of this year! What major accomplishments did you achieve? What personal wins did you have? Our human nature is to focus on what we didn’t get done but resist that temptation. Q1 will soon be a memory. Celebrate it with gratitude for your successes.

What habits or actions served me well in Q1?

Consider what positive actions you took over these past 3 months. Maybe you were more organized, took care of your health, or ate better. Perhaps you were more disciplined at balancing work and family or you took a well-deserved post-holiday vacation. Evaluate what actions you took that served you well in Q1.

What are my Q2 personal and professional goals?

Let’s turn the calendar to Q2 and get ready to spring forward. April brings hope for what is to come. Create good momentum going into this season by setting realistic and meaningful goals for both your personal and professional life.

What are the top 3 things that will bring me energy in Q2?

Consider big events, celebrations or milestones that are taking place in the next three months. Perhaps you are completing something that you are proud of. This may be the perfect season to invest in yourself. What are you looking forward to? What will bring good energy to your life?

How will I celebrate the first half of the year?

This year, June 30, 2023 falls on a Fri-yay! Celebrate the first 6 months of 2023 by doing something special. Build momentum for the second half of the year by recognizing where you are at midway. Block out time on your calendar now to anticipate your midyear celebration!

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