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2019 New Year Journal: Looking Back with Gratitude and Forward with Hope


What power there is in turning the calendar!  It gives us a fresh start, clear perspective and new hope. We all could use a bit of that.

But before we dive into 2019….it’s important to  honor the activities, events and memories from the last 365 days  (yes, even the tough ones because they make us who we are). Reflecting on 2018 with gratitude is an important step before turning the page.  

The ithrive31 New Year Journal was developed using my annual approach to looking back with gratitude and looking forward with hope. I want to share how I plan to close out 2018 and invite you to do the same.

At the end of every year, I pull out my  yearly plans, review my calendar and look at my photos from January through December.  These give me a snapshot of all the significant moments, treasured memories and personal successes I experienced that year.  They also show me the trials and challenges I went through. I am a different person because of them. I write these down in my New Year Journal.

To organize my thoughts, I use the six life areas included in the ithrive31 model of well-being – Financial, Physical, Emotional, Professional, Relationships and Spiritual.  By documenting significant actions and events in EACH area, I can see progress in ALL areas of my life. It’s powerful! Then after I have given honor, grace and gratitude to the past, it’s time to look forward with hope.

The next step is to reflect on what I am looking forward to in the coming year and what I want to accomplish in each area of my life.  I write these BIG PICTURE GOALS down in my New Year Journal, and also post them on my office bulletin board as a daily reminder. These serve as  my direction for the year and act as a compass for the actions I will take throughout the year.

Finally – it is time to start the year.  Beginning in January, I use a 31-day planning process for goal setting. Using the ithrive31 Goal-Setting Worksheet, I write 1-2 intentions for each of the six life areas that can move me forward, create positive momentum, and help me live intentionally throughout the year.

After the 31 days are over, I reflect, assess and create a new 31-day plan.  The actions change month to month, because I am in a different place at the end of the 31-day period than when I started.  This is a dynamic planning process that evolves with the changing circumstances of life yet still facilitates progress toward my bigger picture goals.

Make this year your best year yet and download the 2019 NEW YEAR JOURNAL and the 31-Day Goal-Setting Worksheet.

Cheers to 2019!

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Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

This is where the daily journal, and all the writing and figuring stuff out, really pays for its self, at this time of year. Reading back through it and finding out what worked, what didn t, and where to apply more of less effort next year. As much as Journaling throughout the year is so beneficial, going through it and adding it all up is an equally as beneficial exercise.

You are absolutely right Alex! Glad that you are putting great energy into gratitude for what has been and hope for what is to come. We appreciate your comment. Cheers!

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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