26 Feb: Beyond Iowa Nice:  How to lead effectively without losing Midwestern values.

I am fortunate to work in America’s Heartland, where we have a reputation for being nice.  Midwesterners are often pegged as hard-working, courteous, helpful and friendly. This makes me proud.  And while you’ll find a few “bad apples” wherever you go, for the most part, I agree with this characterization. But what does being “Iowa-nice” mean for leaders and the…


08 Feb: Why Every New Leader Needs a Coach

Leadership is a BIG deal.  Why?   Leaders set the tone and create the “feel” of the workplace.    What’s it like to work here? Is this a good place to work? Am I appreciated?” Leaders impact both the bottom line and people’s livelihood.   “Is my job safe?  Do I have a career here? Does the company care about…