12 May: How Do I Get Out Of This FUNK?

Practical suggestions for moving forward. Life is hard…and sometimes it can be overwhelming. The weight of our problems can be heavy. Really heavy. Sometimes even unbearable. It is easy to get down in the dumps. To wallow. To feel self-doubt. It doesn’t matter what circumstances we may be going through, we are wired as human beings to focus on the…


26 Feb: Beyond Iowa Nice:  How to lead effectively without losing Midwestern values.

I am fortunate to work in America’s Heartland, where we have a reputation for being nice.  Midwesterners are often pegged as hard-working, courteous, helpful and friendly. This makes me proud.  And while you’ll find a few “bad apples” wherever you go, for the most part, I agree with this characterization. But what does being “Iowa-nice” mean for leaders and the…


08 Feb: Why Every New Leader Needs a Coach

Leadership is a BIG deal.  Why?   Leaders set the tone and create the “feel” of the workplace.    What’s it like to work here? Is this a good place to work? Am I appreciated?” Leaders impact both the bottom line and people’s livelihood.   “Is my job safe?  Do I have a career here? Does the company care about…