Dorene is one of the best results-oriented business leader and personal coach that I have worked with over my 30 year career. She excels at leading people and achieving amazing results. Her organizational development skills are top notch and she is a great listener and communicator. She is a high integrity person who can be trusted to provide sound advice and coaching related to personnel matters. I highly recommend Dorene as a personal coach and mentor. You won’t be sorry. She is fantastic!


Retired Executive and General Counsel of Fortune 500 Company

I first met Dorene MacVey 20 years ago when she hired me as a contract Human Resources professional to coach high level executives at a Fortune 500 Company. I found her leadership inspirational. She communicated strong corporate and individual values, clear goals and objectives, and the capacity to fully listen and coach. Her behavior always matched her words. That, by itself, shows the quality of her character. Her integrity cannot be disputed. 

Dorene challenged me to be a better coach, mentor, and teacher. Today, I teach at the college level and I often refer to skills she taught me. Also, I utilize many of the elements of her ithrive31 program into class material.

If you want to work with someone who is a class act through and through, that is Dorene MacVey. You will get someone who is compassionate yet direct and honest. If you are looking for someone who will propel your organization towards excellence driven to get positive results, I would recommend her without hesitation.


Business Professor – Liberal Arts College


Dorene is one of the strongest, most ethical leaders I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Her ability to focus on solutions instead of challenges, coupled with her strong communication skills, makes her highly effective. The ithrive31 coaching process allows her to extend the approach that has made her successful to her clients (including me).  


Software Account Executive


Whether for one-on-one coaching, leading a workshop, or motivating your team through speaking, Dorene will make a lasting impact! I had the privilege of working with Dorene where she was also the Executive sponsor of our women’s network and when she served on the board of a non-profit that promotes development of women in leadership. Dorene’s leadership, experience, and energy have had positive impacts on the organizations in which she serves. One of her best attributes is giving teams and individuals the tools they need for success. She has the ability to help large organizations to clarify their vision and mission, then set achievable goals for successful implementation. 

Dorene’s leadership and coaching abilities extends well beyond her business background. I have personally benefited by the mentoring and guidance that Dorene has provided. I was at a cross-roads in my career and was indecisive on what path I should pursue. Although life was going well, I felt like something was missing.  I felt stuck in my career and uncertain what path I should follow. Dorene introduced me to iThrive31 and helped coach me through the decision-making process to figure out life’s next steps. As a working wife and mother with a busy schedule at work, volunteering, and at home, being intentional with my time and setting priorities is imperative to success (and sanity)! Taking life 31 days at a time and setting priorities in all aspects of my life helped to give me clarity in not only making the right choice for my career, but also the best choices for my family, my well-being, and to set goals towards spending more time doing things I am passionate about. 

Not only is Dorene an outstanding leader who can impart her knowledge and experience, she is one of the most motivating, patient, thoughtful, non-judgmental, positive and caring people I have met. Just having a short conversation with Dorene will leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer your goals!


Senior Engineering Manager and Community Advocate


I reached out to Dorene for advice while I was choosing where to take the next step in my career. As a young professional just starting out in the working world, I was more concerned with finding a job rather than the right job. Dorene encouraged me to think long-term, reflect on my values, and take advantage of my network. Her counsel and compassion during my time of transition was invaluable and helped me land my dream job.


Advertising/Public Relations Professional


I worked with Dorene for several years in the corporate world.  She was my “go to” person when I found myself in a situation where I needed help working through an issue or dilemma.  Dorene was always able to provide clarity to the situation, enabling me to see the problem and myself more objectively.  She garnered an accurate understanding of my situation through intense listening and intuition, asked questions where I needed to be challenged, and provided valuable suggestions for me to stay balanced and moving forward.  She has a tremendous ability to work with you as a “whole” person, and always been able to assist me in finding the path forward that both provided me balance and allowed me to achieve my goals.  I would highly recommend ithrive31 for anyone or any organization looking for an authentic coach who can help you reach your personal and or professional goals.


VPGM Business Executive, Fortune 500 Corporation


To say Dorene has made an impact is an understatement.  She has a deep ability to creatively influence leaders to make sound decisions and builds powerful relationships at all levels of the organization – from shop floor to the boardroom.  She is truly a one-of-a-kind Executive who can discern the root cause of organizational issues and yet practically apply winning solutions for the business.

Dorene has always been a safe and sage thought partner to me and I have continued to leverage her strengths as a coach and consultant — both personally and professionally.  I whole-hardheartedly endorse her for the work has accomplished,  and the impact she has already had.  She is truly making a difference in our business.


Executive VP, People Strategy