Dream Chasing Realist Workbook – Digital Download


Congratulations! You have a dream AND you want to pursue it in a realistic way. Just because you are practical doesn’t mean you must ignore what’s burning inside of you.

The guidebook features exercises, reflection questions, and activities to help you keep your feet on the ground while pursuing your passion. Move closer to the life you are meant to live . Navigate important considerations in your transition. Use the guidebook independently or combine it with our Dream-Chasing Realist Personal Coaching package.

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The Key to Practical Dreaming

The Dream-Chasing Realist Workbook is designed get you started down your new path. Live in the here-and-now while keeping your dream in sight. Everyday practicalities of life don’t have to sideline plans. Jump-start your life change with exercises and activities that use your realities as a foundation for your next big life step. Use the workbook independently or maximize its impact with our Dream-Chasing Realist Personal Coaching package.


Digital download
24 focused pages
Questions, exercises, conversation starters, skills and interests inventories, and action steps
5 steps divide the journey into manageable stages
Reflection questions jump-start your thinking
Actionable steps keep you moving toward your goal
Activities introduce possibilities for next steps
Each step considers a healthy life balance
Self-directed tasks help you advance at your own pace
Also works in combination with Dream-Chasing Realist Personal Coaching package