Meet the Women of ithrive31

Meet Julia
(Inspired by my friend Judy)

Life Area:  Overall well-being

Personality: Capable, Confident, Compassionate

Her advice:  Pay attention to all areas of your life and live with great intention.

“You are your own best coach.  Invest in yourself.  Pay attention to all areas of your life – financial, physical, emotional, professional, relationships and spiritual.  Set goals 31 days at a time to create momentum, strive for balance, and live a thriving life.  Be intentional with your thoughts. What you put in your head matters – fill it with things that lift you up.  Be deliberate with your time and resources.  Choose your “yes’s” and “no’s” carefully.  Be purposeful in how to treat your body – it’s the only one you have.   Stand tall in your uniqueness and walk confidently in your purpose.  The power for a thriving life lies within you.”

Julia’s Message to Woman:  Be authentic and be you.


Meet Lin
(Inspired by my friend Linda)

Life Area:

Personality: Grounded, Grateful, Giving

Her advice:  Ground your life in something bigger than yourself; Through this, you will live a purposeful life.

“Your soul is the most important part of you.  Honor this part of your life.  Grow in faith and never stop searching for your connection to something bigger than yourself.  The world spins in busyness so we must work extra hard to find the quietness, the inner voice.  Be still.  On this earth, we have diverse spiritual beliefs.  These can divide us, distract us and focus us on the wrong things.  We should channel all our energy on love and tolerance.  Help a neighbor, support a friend, lend a hand to a stranger. Start with your heart and the rest of your actions will follow this lead.  This is what spirituality is about. And through it all, live gratefully”.

 Lin’s message to Women:  Caring about you.  Today and always.


Meet Shani
(Inspired by my friend Sarah)

Life Area:  Relationship

Personality: Likable, Loyal, Lovely

Her advice:  We are created for connections.  Demonstrate kindness. Treasure friendships. Make memories. Love well.

“The ultimate gift is connection – with family, friends, neighbors and even strangers.  Pay attention to the people in your journey, they intersect your life for a reason.  Sometimes we connect for a season and sometimes for a lifetime. With all people in your journey, strive to show kindness and compassion. Celebrate relationships.  Have fun, laugh and make memories in the moment, for we don’t know what tomorrow may bring.  Some relationships are complicated and complex.  Some hurt us. Sometimes they take work and require forgiveness. This is because at the root of all relationships is love.  Give it, treasure it, nurture it. Through love and our connection with others, we can make the world a better place.”

Shani’s Message to Women:  I am so grateful for you.

Meet Leah

(Inspired by my friend Lisa)

Life Area:  Professional

Personality: Trendy, Talented, Tenacious

Her advice:  You have unique skills, talents and abilities, use them wisely.

“No matter what you do with your talents – volunteering, working, raising kids, etc. do it with pride and professionalism.  As you embrace all the talents you have been blessed with hold your head high.  Do what you love, do it with joy in your heart, and do it well.   If you are not getting satisfaction from what you are doing with your life, change it.  It may take time, but don’t complain and have patience.  Keep working towards your dreams and use your God-given abilities.  Do not sit idle or waste your talents on bad habits.  Find a hobby or learn a new skill.  This will stimulate your intellect and bring energy into your life. In all that you do, strut your stuff and be proud of your contribution to this world!”

Leah Message to Women:   You are talented, unique and inspiring.


Meet Bembe
(Inspired by my friend Bambi)

Life Area:  Emotional

Personality: Comfortable, Cozy, Calming

Her advice:  Be the best version of yourself.  Grow. learn. evolve and always give yourself a bit of grace.

“Breathe In, Breathe out. Repeat.  Just take things one step at a time and always know that no matter what life throws at you – you will be okay.  No one is perfect so don’t put that pressure on yourself.  Give yourself some grace.  Continue to reflect, learn and evolve – it’s called personal growth.  Be intentional about taking positive actions that are good for your mind, soul and body.  Work on bad habits and things that hold you back from being the best person you can be.  Set your own bar high because you know you are worth all of it! “

Bembe’s Message to Women:  Give yourself grace.       


Meet Kira
(Inspired by my friend Kim)

Life Area:  Physical

Personality: Fun, Fit and Fantastic.

Her advice:  Inner and outer strength are related.  Pay attention to both.

“We come in all shapes and sizes.  Be okay with yours.  Cherish your body it’s the only one you got and a gift to you.  Treat yourself well – your mind, body and spirit.  Be confident in your skin and take care of it.  Do not live boastfully or live in vain because of your outward appearance.  Beauty is so much more.  Move, hydrate and take time to be still.  These are important aspect of good health.  Preventative maintenance is important so don’t slack off on those regular check-ups and tests.  When you are physically strong, you are mentally strong so push your body to its full potential.   Take care of you — smile, sweat and have fun – cuz you are so worth it!”

Kira’s Message to Women:  You are beautiful – inside and out.


Meet Rena
(Inspired by my friend Renee)

Life Area:  Financial

Personality: Wealthy, Wise and Wonderful.

Her advice:  Make money. Save wisely. and Give generously.  Strive to be wealthy, not rich.

“Here’s the thing – money is important and whoever says it’s not….just does not live in the real world.  Do not be ashamed of making money or having ambition, just do not let it define you.  Work hard, make an honest living and be an example to others.  Develop responsible spending and savings habits.  Live within your means and do not be boastful with your circumstances.  Always be generous and help other people whenever you can.  Do not be selfish or greedy.  As you do all these things hold your head high and know “Girl, you got this!“

Rena’s message to women:  Girl, you got this!