Eight Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work


This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday. What a great way to start the workweek by showing love to your colleagues.

Here are 8 ways to spread love in the workplace:

  1. Bring treats for the office. If you have a special recipe in mind, go with that. If not, pick up some donuts or bagels with cream cheese. Everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness, even if they don’t indulge.
  2. Email a Valentine to your work team. Use a caption like: “I really love working with you all – Happy Valentine’s Day”. A simple gesture goes a long way.
  3. Write a heartfelt note to a mentor or boss. Express what you have learned from them and how they have brought joy to your job.
  4. Throw a Valentine’s Day lunch with your team (or zoom lunch). Have each person share why they love their job or working at your company.  Everyone wear red, of course!
  5. Show you understand. Encourage everyone to leave work an hour early to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the special people in their lives.
  6. When in doubt, share chocolate! Bring in a box of candy or distribute work-appropriate Valentines cards.
  7. Decorate the office. Add a loving and festive touch to the office this Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s heart-shaped balloons or sweet treats placed on desks, make this day extra special for everyone in the office.
  8. Play a Valentine’s game or quiz. Whether played in-person or remotely via Zoom, play a fun Valentine’s Day game with your teammates.

Be creative and have fun. Make it a day filled with good energy. Then, think about how you can create an environment where loving your job and the people you work with happens every day.

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