Will Your Spring Come Early?

GroundHog Day…..


An important day to see what is to come.  Will it be an early spring or six more weeks of winter?  Come on Phil, inquiring minds want to know!


This little rodent makes for a boring day in February a bit more lively, especially for the weather diehards in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.


But here’s a question more specifically for you.


Think about where you are at right now.  Will it be 6 more weeks of the same or do you want to make some changes that can bring new energy in your life? 


Whether it’s career change, relationship improvement, healthy lifestyle, growth in your business, personal development etc. ….improvements in each of these areas are within your control.


What are one or two actions you can take over the next 31 days?


Write them down.  Put them somewhere visible.  Watch what can happen with focus, intention and energy.


Some things are outside of our control (like the weather) but we can choose if we retreat or step out boldly.   Small steps can lead to big things.


Make your spring come early! 

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