What Will You Do With 31 Days In December?

Happy December 1!  Do you know what that means?  It means there are 31 days left in 2020.

What will you do with the 31 days?

How about reflection? My guess is 2020 did not go as planned for you. Me either.

Flashback to one year ago today. I was organizing a family trip to the Dominican Republic in February. The first quarter of the new year looked strong for my business. I had a schedule filled with live events and new client engagements. I had plans – personally and professionally.  2020 was going to be a great year.

As it turns out, 2020 had other plans, and proved to be a year like no other. A health pandemic, social unrest, weather catastrophes, economic uncertainty and a contentious election made for a challenging year. Through it all, we each experienced our own journey.

For me, it was a year filled with personal loss and health challenges. I lost a beloved cousin-in-law in January and treasured aunt in March. In May, my sister had a stroke followed by brain surgery in July. And in November, we said our final goodbye to her. All of this grief was complicated by the isolation of COVID.

Many people have similar personal stories filled with loss, difficulty, struggles, and unanticipated events of 2020. As we begin the last month of the year, we may be tempted to hurry our way into 2021. To merely “survive” until we can officially put this year behind us. But instead, I challenge you to seize the opportunity these 31 days provide. To step fully into the circumstances and events that shaped your life this year. If we look deeply, we can see meaningful ways our challenges transformed us. Through loss there is gratitude. Through struggle there is resilience. Through setback there is growth. Through sorrow there is hope.

We’ve provided a tool to help you reflect on what 2020 meant to you. Download the free ithrive31® New Year Journal: Look Back with Gratitude, Look Forward with Hope. Use the final days of 2020 wisely, and finish the year strong – full of intention and purpose.

Make these 31 days count!


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