Three years ago, I launched ithrive31®, and with it, its bright and colorful brand.  The use of bold colors in the ithrive31 logo and other design materials was intentional, but was in stark contrast with “traditional” organizational marketing materials.  When I shared the look of my brand with my peers in the corporate space, they were not shy with their feedback:

“It looks like it is geared toward women and it may not resonate with men” someone said.

“If you are working in organizations, you should use more greys, blacks, neutrals and maybe one pop of color in your brand pallet” commented another.

“It really doesn’t reflect the environment you are working in.” stated a peer.


These comments made me pause. Should I conform to the neutral palette my target audience was expecting? Would potential clients take me seriously, and recognize the value I would bring to their organization? I considered the feedback and decided while the look of my brand may not reflect the environment I am working in, it does reflect the environment I desire to create.  I had strong reasons for the choices I made so I stayed the course.  I love color, but more importantly, I love what it represents.

Be Unique

When you turn a kaleidoscope, you see countless variations of colors and patterns. As we continue to turn it, we see new images emerge. Our personal and professional growth is similar. We need to be constantly changing, evolving and growing to see beautiful colors emerge. One of the core philosophies of ithrive31® is that we are each unique, complex and full of potential.

Be Balanced

The six colors in the ithrive31® logo represent the six areas of life – financial, physical, emotional, relationship, professional, and spiritual.  Each are represented by different colors, but together they represent overall well-being. They work together, and each is an important part of the whole self.

To live fully, we must pay attention to all areas of our life.  Living a balanced life is not a 50/50 equation – it is consciously directing the energy of one’s life toward the things and people that truly matter.  It’s about being proportionally correct for each moment in time. There is a brightness and a boldness to this balance.

Be Brilliant

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a coach or a leader in an organization, we are each called to make a mark in this world by using our unique gifts and talents. If we try to conform or compare, we limit our potential.  In organizations, unleashing individuals’ authenticity will result in employee engagement, organizational innovation and sustainable business results.  When I think about this concept, I do not see white, black or grey…I see brilliance of color.

Human beings and organizations need color!  Our workplaces can be transformed by it.   Our lives will be better because of it.  Let’s strive to live in color — boldly, brightly and brilliantly.

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