Cindy’s Story: Living Intentionally for Personal Accountability

In honor of INTERNATIONAL COACHING WEEK, every day this week I will be sharing real stories of situations where coaching has made a big impact.  

Cindy’s Story: 

Cindy is a rockstar professional businesswoman. She is creative, driven and self-motivated. Like most high performers, Cindy does it all and has multiple irons in the fire. Her challenge was staying on top of everything and meeting the high expectations she has of herself. As a working mom, she balances the craziness of work and home demands and she feels torn in many directions. Sometimes she feels paralyzed and is often overwhelmed.

Enter coaching

Through coaching, Cindy worked through the chaos by seeking a bit of structure and order.  Cindy identified a 31-day plan to identify the “big rocks” – those things that would bring energy and momentum to both her business and home life. In addition, Cindy took an honest look at what was causing the chaos. She recommitted to what was important to her and reexamined her commitments. This allowed Cindy to become clear on her path and make some changes to how she uses her time.  By setting an ongoing 31-day plan, prioritizing and reviewing progress with her coach, Cindy has integrated accountability into her life.


The rest of the story

Cindy continues to integrate structure into her life. Coaching has helped her gain tools for prioritization. Cindy follows a couple core coaching mantras:  “Stand proudly in your space” and “strive for progress not perfection”.


Coach’s Comment:  Being a working mom for 25+ years, I can personally relate to these challenges. Using tools for structure and prioritization can be tremendously helpful for self-accountability.  If you’re struggling to balance your personal and professional life, coaching can help you jumpstart the important efforts of structure and prioritization. If you can relate to this struggle, contact us here. We can help!


NOTE: These coaching situations are real but names have been changed to protect anonymity of the client.

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