COVID-19: The War with Guilt

It’s more than a fight against COVID-19


…’s a fight against GUILT


Guilt that I’m not doing enough

Guilt that I should be more productive

Guilt that I am not doing as well as others


And the mom guilt?


….let’s add school teacher, safety patrol and working from chaos (i.e home) to your job description.  It was always bad but now…..on steroids!


So, let’s take a breath.  Take your moment.


Let’s recognize it for what it is.  Non-productive guilt.  An enemy that shows up everyday wearing different disguises.


But we see you.  You are guilt that serves NO purpose. And the Guilt we will fight!


So today put on your armor.


Let’s be okay….because you ARE okay.  However you show up.  #FIGHTGUILT

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