It is easy to feel overwhelmed, depressed and hopeless by what is going on around us.

Violent acts seem to be escalating on a much too frequent basis.  Daily news showcases human tragedy that capture our attention and leave us glued to know more, see more, and learn more. Even when the news outlets try to balance the messages of goodness to counteract the horrific, the catastrophes remain in our psyche and leave us with a deep void.  We are filled with shock, sadness, and grief.

Then comes the diatribe of social conversation.  Everywhere. With our families, our neighbors, our government.  It’s in our homes, workplaces, playgrounds, and churches.  It’s on TV, Social Media, and in personal conversations.  Everyone is an expert on what is wrong, who is to blame and what we should do about it.  Words and tones are often harsh and extreme resulting in anger between strangers, distance between neighbors and broken relationships within families.

It is time to stop. pray. and act.


Stop judging, belittling, arguing and expressing our opinions in the way of supreme knowledge.  The fact is — you may or may not be right.  It really doesn’t matter a whole lot.   Is it so important for you to be right that you lose love, respect, friendship, and connection?  Because right now the world needs more of THAT.  Stop.  Put down your armor of conviction, intolerance, and words and just listen.  Ask questions. Show grace. Seek understanding.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion and have passion in your beliefs – you just need a loving heart and an open-mind too.


We need to pray from the place of love.  And prayer is not a word we should throw around lightly on someone’s social media feed.  Be sincere, intentional and honest about praying.  It is needed.  However, do not confuse prayer with a personal wish list or instruction guide for what God should do.  Pray for God to be present – in our world, in each other and in your life.  Be quiet and listen for ways you are personally to be used as a light in this world.


We are meant to be involved.  Help, Donate, Volunteer, Give.  During this critical time, we must use more of our hands and feet than our mouths.  When darkness comes very personally into someone’s life there is a longing for light.  You may never know how you impact someone’s life through even the smallest action.  However, if you do nothing – you never have that chance.  Through service, you will be amazed how lives can be changed, including the one who serves.

Take the challenge to find a way to be the light and bring hope to a dark world.  We need it now more than ever. Shine your light through your actions.  For the next 31 days –Identify one thing you can do every day.  Write it down.

Be intentional about taking actions to make this world a brighter place.

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