For people chasing “success”: Don’t forget to fill your life with fun!

I have always been a type A personality – spending most of my time looking for the next step, hill to climb or next challenge to tackle.  I think it is in my DNA.  As I age, I have learned to accept things about myself and come to terms with my strengths as well as those areas for “self-management”.  What I have reflected on recently is how important it is to have FUN – no matter what personality type you have and no matter what might fill your personal fun-meter.

Definition of FUN

Here is a common definition of FUN: “enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure”.

I believe these are important concepts to integrate into one’s life no matter what age or personality type.  Bringing enjoyment into your life balances the soul.  It brings light-heartedness to a serious world.

Yet in this day and age, so many things get in our way.  Work pressures are increasing, family obligations overwhelm and sand slips through time.  We slide into bed at the end of the day exhausted.  We cannot recall how many times we laughed, smiled or just spent time feeling happy.

Children get it.

Why is it that children find having fun so much easier than we do as adults?  They naturally surround their life with fun.  They smile, laugh and seek pleasure from the world.  As adults, we go out of our way to fill our children’s lives with fun.  We schedule playdates, outings, and activities for our children because we recognize the value of it.  We get pleasure from their giggles, smiles, and laughter.  It warms our hearts.  Somewhere along the line, we forget how important that feeling is as we create our adult soul.

We must be intentional in bringing enjoyment, amusement or light-hearted pleasure into our life.  This is not about prescribing fun; after all different strokes for different folks.  What may be fun for me may not be fun for you.  But the concept to take the time to find fun and joy in life is universal.

Having Fun — Your way

So consider what makes you laugh, smile or feel joyful. What do you consider amusing?    What would bring light-hearted pleasure to your day?  Whether you do something, make something, read something, watch something, or experience something.  Whether you engage with others or just be by yourself.  Whatever it may be, make sure at the end of the day you say “Boy, that was fun!”

CHALLENGE:  Over the next 31 days integrate FUN into your daily life.  Take a post-it note and write the word “FUN” on it.  Place it on the bathroom mirror, set it on your nightstand (or the last place you look before you go to bed) to remind you to reflect on ways you integrated fun into your day.

It’s not hard or complicated.  It’s intentional.  Live fully and have some FUN.

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