Crossing My Swinging Bridge: A Personal Leap of Faith

This has been a big week. I made a big decision. A decision that would change my life, shape my future and create a new path for my next steps.  I decided to leave my job.  And not just any job.  A good job with a good company and good people.  My tribe.  After 21-years I decided to leave my stability, my identity, and…(gulp) my paycheck.

Why would I do that?  Short answer:  Because I feel called to do something different.

I feel like Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade when he takes that leap of faith.  To save his dying father, Indiana Jones must step out in faith across the abyss to retrieve the Holy Grail. The swinging bridge only appears when he makes the step.  I am not sure leaving my job requires that same courage (i.e. fate of death) but the point still holds (okay, I’m not really that brave).




So, as I reflect on stepping out to cross my personal abyss,  I am both terrified and excited — same emotion, different perspectives.  And although I am optimistic, it is a leap for me.  Looking in from the outside it may look “crazy”, “irresponsible” or “regrettable”, yet I feel I have a few things going my way.

First, is my faith.  I do not feel I am stepping out alone.  Through whatever career twists and turns lie ahead, there is great comfort knowing this is the right step for this moment.  Faith without action is not faith.  So in obedience and trust, we leap.

Second, I have not come to this place through impulsiveness but through preparation, intentionality and setting a plan – 31 days at a time.  You see, this decision although recent, started in Oct 2014 when I felt stuck and not where I needed to be. By establishing specific actions over a 3-year period (31 days at a time) I have positioned myself to take this leap – financially, physically, emotionally, professionally and spiritually.  I have been patient.  I have been intentional. I am ready.

So what is next? 

My passion is to speak about and coach the ithrive31® process to help other’s who feel stuck, in transition, or seek a more fulfilling life. I am also planning to create and lead personal development programs proprietary to ithrive31, LLC.  There is more to come and true to any start-up….lot’s to learn, evolve and discover.  I am looking forward to that!

A constant in my life has been the blessings of those who surround me and encourage me.  My cheerleaders.  Not to get too sappy but “thank you” doesn’t seem adequate.  In this crazy world – we all need love, support and encouragement and my hope is I can be this source for others, just as others have been for me.  Relationships through connections are so important and I am eager to see who is placed in my path.

So – I have a bridge to cross now and although a bit terrified of heights and swinging bridges….I believe great things await.  So I leap.


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