“Heck Ya, it’s Monday!“ (HYIM) – 31 day Monday Morning Routine

Morning Routine

Okay – most likely you are reading this thinking – “What the heck, Mondays are NOT the day I look forward to…. at all”.

  • Do you dread the harried Monday morning routine?
  • Do you juggle a million things getting ready to start the week?
  • Do you spend Sunday night anxious because the problems at the office will be ready to pounce the moment you walk back into the workplace?

You are not alone. We recharge on the weekend only to have our heart beat a little faster thinking about the busyness which awaits us at the beginning of the week.

I admit I am a TGIF girl myself and HYIM does not have the same ring…. however in the spirit of aligning with Core Principle #1: Be Intentional with your thoughts….I have a challenge for you.

It starts with thinking about Mondays differently.

First – take a breath and frame your Mondays in a new way. Mondays give us an opportunity for new beginnings. A fresh start. A chance to change our routines.

It starts with your thinking but relies on a new pattern of action. So here is a simple action plan to reframe your Mondays.

Try this for the next 31 days  (that’s really only 4 Mondays) and see how it works for you.

At the beginning of your Monday….

  • Wake up 20 minutes earlier than your normal rising time
  • Write down 3-5 significant things you are looking forward to during the week. Write a couple sentences about why you are looking forward to this.  Copy these events to a post-it note and put it somewhere visible (bathroom mirror?)
  • Get your mind right by spending 5-10 minutes in quiet meditation or prayer

At the end of the day……

  • Write down at least 3 good things that happened during your day
  • Close your day with a prayer of gratitude.

Be intentional with your Mondays – look forward to starting your weekly routine by practicing positive personal awareness and gratitude.

And remember….you are now in a positive mind-set and only 4 days away from TGIF.


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