The importance of living by a plan — SUCCESS!


I am a goal setter – always have been and always will be.  Listen to any self-help notables — Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Dale Carnegie– and they will point to goal setting as the most important trait of successful people and I understand why.

I believe in the power of living your life in an intentional way. I believe that life happens and you can either react to it or be an active participant in it. I chose the latter.  I’ve done it and I have seen amazing things happen.

ithrive31 is about goal setting in a way that allows for the greatest success – 31 days at a time.   By setting a plan 31 days at a time, repeatedly, I have been adjusting to the variables life throws my way, recalibrating and setting new goals.  It’s been beyond cool!

Over the last three years I have experienced:

  • Significantly reduced personal debt
  • Strengthened important relationships
  • Explored new career possibilities
  • Participated in workshops and programs which expanded my thinking
  • Changed habits and engaged in more constructive activities
  • Met intriguing new people, read interesting books, and expanded my knowledge in a wide variety of areas.

The cool thing as I look back, I have these actions written down. I see progress, I see growth and I see a life lived with intention.

  • I see doors that were opened because I had an action to set up a meeting and make a critical contact.
  • I note important tasks that would have been put off had they not been on my plan.
  • I see debt that would have grown without deliberate 31 day actions to attack it and eliminate it.
  • I smile as I reflect on unexpected new friends that have come into my life because of actions on my plan.
  • I treasure the personal growth I have made because of multitude of books I have read, Tedtalks I have listened to and countless other personal growth actions that I deliberately engaged in.

To me this is a thriving life. Sure, there have been curve balls but the power of 31 days is to adjust to the unanticipated and readjust the course.

I love living by a plan and will always live my life this way.   I am on my third year and mid-stream into my current 31-day plan.  It sits in a frame next to my computer as I write. I am on track.

As I reflect on my past plans I am grateful.   But as I look forward I am excited because I know …. the best is yet to come!


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