Be Tolerant. Be Kind.

Yesterday the following things happened  —

  1. I witnessed 2 complete strangers get into a heated argument on Facebook which resulted in a blow-by-blow below-the-belt name-calling and vicious personal attacks.  They had dissenting opinions and a mutual friend.
  2. Heading to the doctor’s office during rush hour I was cut off twice in traffic by people who were definitely trying to get somewhere fast.  They scowled at me as the sped by and I am sure voicing a few choice words.  Not sure why —  since I was driving 8 miles over the speed limit  and I wasn’t the “little old lady holding up traffic”.  However, this seemed to be the cultural norm of the highway — hurry, hurry, hurry and get out of my way.  Everyone looked angry.
  3. I went to the Pharmacy to get my prescription.  I had to wait because they were backed up.  When they called a woman who had been waiting with the rest of us, she lit into the fresh-out-of-school pharmacist with a tone and a few choice words — blaming this young professional for wasting her precious time.  The young pharmacists apologized and seemed to take it in stride.  Just another day.

All of this happened before noon.   

Maybe I am getting older, maybe our society is getting colder, or maybe I am just more aware….my guess it is a combination of all three….but it caused me to reflect on the craziness of the world we live in.  

I am a firm believer in personal accountability and I believe we each have a sphere of influence that we impact.  Whether that is posting on social media, driving in traffic or how we treat the checkout clerk – we are each accountable and our actions have impact, both positive and negative.

Two words come to mind:  TOLERANCE and KINDNESS

I am a type-A, driven personality so I get being in a hurry.  What I hope I never get is being rude, intolerant or dismissive in way we treat our fellow human beings.   

What you say matters – Be Tolerant. Be Kind.

What you do matters – Be Tolerant. Be Kind.

The example you set for the next generation (who are watching) matters – Be Tolerant. Be Kind.

Over the next 31 days – Identify 1 action daily that demonstrates tolerance  and kindness towards a fellow human being.  Keep a log.  (#ithrive31 #emotionalgoal)

It can be a thoughtful gesture  — buy someone a cup of coffee, bake your neighbor cookies, shovel someone’s driveway, or help someone with their yardwork.  

It can be a small act of kindness  — open someone’s door, let someone move in front of you in line, help an elderly person with groceries.  

It can even be in the small stuff – yield to another person at a stopsign, smile at a child, strike up a conversation with a stranger.  

By being intentional with how you show tolerance and kindness, you will become more aware of your sphere of influence and take accountability for setting a great example.   YOU can make a difference.  

Be Tolerant. Be Kind.

#ithrive31 #coreprinciple2 #emotionalgoal